Why Punch In??

done_all Punch In, one of a kind Attendance management Application, features a rich and intuitive interface which allows employees to sign in and sign out from any location using secured unique pin. Employer can track the location of employee`s sign in and sign out accurately.

done_all Leave request and Approval/Denial functions within the App itself.

done_all Seamless integration of Punch In with Mobile, Desktop, Laptop etc, which makes its simple for employees to make entries from Desktop, laptop too.

done_all Employer can export Log Sheets and Attendance Reports for each Employee in Excel format for Payroll Preparations.

done_all Multiple options of signing in and out (Half day, on site, work from home, etc.) are present in the application.

done_all Even better results, when tracking employees who are on field, at on-site or at client location.